Richard French was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1942 and spent his first 18 years growing up in the eastern part of the state. School and service in the American army took him to Chicago, Washington. D. C. , and Bangkok in Thailand, where  he worked as a Lao linguist. Back home in the U. S., he studied in a theater program for a year, dropped out, moved to Boston, and worked as a bank teller for 12 years. After that, work with the Lutheran Church sent him to school in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a year in St. Petersburg, Florida. He served as a pastor in Sudbury, Ontario for 18 years and now lives in Toronto.

Along with the Christian faith and his employment, writing fiction has been at the center of his life. The novels he has written over the decades of his adult life are the reason for this website.

Thanks to Zack Pospieszynski from zackARTconsultant for designing, book covers, and all the photos in this website.


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