Notes on What I Learned along the Way

I’ve been writing fiction since my early twenties and now have 13 novels available as ebooks on kindle and in paperback on Amazon’s CreateSpace. Another novel is fairly well along but not ready for anyone to read. I work on it every day. I’ll know when it’s presentable enough to […]

Dostoevsky: A Superlative Writer

I’ve been listening to audiobooks of Dostovesky’s early, shorter works “The Double” and “Poor People”. I’ve listened to each one at least twice. I’ll start “The Gambler”, which is not so early, in the next day or two. These novellas are all new territory for me. I’ve read Dostoevsky’s five […]

Novels about Reaching Maturity

I’m not an expert at literature in the German language, but I’ve noticed a similarity in some of their novels, starting with Goethe’s very long “Wilhelm Meister”. In brief, it’s about the title character’s journey to maturity. His story proceeds along lines Kierkegaard later described in “Stages in Life’s Way”. […]

On Overcoming Creative Hurdles

I’ve written 13 novels that are available as ebooks on Amazon’s kindle and as paperback from CreateSpace. With one exception, I’ve followed the same procedure in writing each one. I made copious notes first,  put them in a sensible order, then created an outline and wrote first drafts, with which […]

On Work — Random Thoughts

I watched a short internet video in which a TV sportscaster offered a three-stage prescription for succeeding at work: “Get to work, Keep working, Don’t stop till the job gets done.” I had no quarrel with what she said but would have added, “Find work you like and that you’re […]