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One of the great themes of American life is that ordinary folks should be free and have a chance to enjoy the satisfactions of doing their best. The quest to follow God or heed an inner voice can cause a person to stand somewhat apart from what we call the mainstream.  Massachusetts, where I coke from, or Sagadac as I call it in my novels, has raised up many people who’ve broken through boundaries of conformity to do what they think is right and best for them and their communities.

I’ve tried to take account of this trend in my fiction. Many of my main characters – artists, writers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, veterans of America’s wars, politicians and others in public life – learn how to find their places, to express themselves, in a world made up of millions of people. If you like stories about people who work to actualize themselves in modern life, then you’ll enjoy my novels. It could be that you’re a citizen of Sagadac, too.

I knew early in my writing life that Massachusetts would be the geographical base for my stories. At the same time, I knew that I’d play fast and loose with the historical record, so I wanted a locale of my own that I could roam around and adapt to suit the restless side of my temperament. The name “Sagadac” came to me and I’ve stuck with it for more than forty years.

I liked my choice all the more after I moved to Canada in 1989 and had much less direct contact with my home area and the reference material available there. What’s more, I’m sure the Canadian environment has influenced my ways of thinking.

After a few decades of enjoyable work, I want Sagadac to mean something to others as well as to myself, so I’ve uploaded my fiction to Amazon’s kindle direct publishing program and now it’s available to millions of people who have e-readers. My novels are also available in paperback from Amazon’s CreateSpace. Links in the column to the left will take you to paperback editions.

I hope you’ll become acquainted with my fiction and offer a comment on the “Get in Touch” page. For samples of my other writings – poems and brief essays on creativity – please sign up for my newsletter, also in the column on the left. Thanks for reading this far and with hopes that you won’t stop here, I wish you many blessings, Richard French

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