Paul Kingsley, journalist, teacher, veteran, story-teller, fights the influence of a cultish secret society called the Scythians. Unknown to him, others also take part in the struggle. The novel includes two of Kingsley’s stories and a post-war novella set in 17th century colonial America. This is the first in a series of five novels called “Witnesses”.

Paul Kingsley, a veteran of the U. S. Army, is now married with three children. He is a part-time teacher and part-time journalist. Studies of U. S. and World history have convinced him that war and oppression have always been part of the human story.What can a private citizen do to change the situation? Not much, he decides. But ordinary people can tell about what they have seen and what they know. They can be witnesses.

Kingsley writes stories included in the narrative about a 17th century war between natives and English colonists and also stories set in his own time of military service in a war in a Asian country he calls Kulon. More than this, he takes part in a present-day fight against a murderous organization called the Scythians.

The narrative includes reports from other witnesses, including an editor named Stephanie Markham, whose brother died in Kulon and who works for a large communications outfit that she discovers has ties to the Scythians.

This novel is the first in a series called “Witnesses”, one of the main purposes of which is to affirm that no matter how vexing the barbarous aspects of life can be, the forces on the side of orderliness, law, and civilization are stronger.



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