The editor Stephanie Markham brings together another collection of novellas and short stories by the writer Paul Kingsley. This will be the last instalment because Kingsley has died and left behind his wife Tanya and three children, who also figure in the story.

As well, Stephanie takes part in the fight against a destructive cult called the Scythians, whose influence on American life is waning. At the same time, she looks ahead to happiness as her son grows and she anticipates marriage to a man she loves and respects.

“Send Me” is the fifth and final novel in a series called “Witnesses”. The series takes up perennial themes in American life — warfare and recovery, the skills most people develop to cope with crises they didn’t create and can’t resolve, and the drive to do one’s best. One of the purposes of the series is to show the quality of ordinary folks, whose stories don’t usually come to public attention.

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