This story takes place on an imaginary university campus in the American Midwest in the shadow of the fear that the world might be destroyed and during the worst scandal to hit the university in decades.

Daniel Morley, a painter in his 60’s, and his wife Sonja, a photographer, come to stay at the school, in whose neighborhood Daniel spent his childhood and hasn’t seen for more than 40 years. Along with working on paintings and photos of the area and reconsidering a trauma from Daniel’s youth and trying to save their marriage, they become involved with the doings of a demonic secret society that is responsible for the campus scandal.

Daniel Morley, a painter in his 60’s, and his wife Sonja, a photographer, leave their home in Europe to live on a university campus in a large Midwestern American city. This is the neighborhood where Daniel spent his childhood and left with his mother in his teens. He hasn’t been back for many decades. The story follows several threads.

1. After years of hard work, Sonja and Daniel look for renewal in both their marriage and their professions.

2. An account of past events, sometimes turbulent, that brought Daniel and Sonja to their current situation.

3. A survey of the pictures Daniel paints while he is at the university.

4. An account of his health problems.

5. A coterie of idol worshipers on campus cause a tragic scandal that touches many parts of the university.

6. A survey of the actions of the some the people whom the scandal effects.



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