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Daniel and Sonja Morley, both artists, move from Europe to a large university in the American Midwest, hoping to revive their marriage and give their careers a lift. They come face-to-face with a scandal along the way.

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A creative bookseller on the edge of a large university copes with mid-life challenges – a marriage on hold, a lingering scandal at the school, and assaults from demons. A novel with short stories.

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A local theatre company puts on a play about a stage magician-comic-songwriter active in 19th century America who strays from his calling, lands in serious trouble, and then strives to regain his standing. A novel about human failings and the power of creativity.

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A minor devil attacks the young poet Arthur Goodbody as he starts to recover from the death of his wife. Arthur wonders if he can turn these encounters into material for an epic poem. At the same time, he looks for help in his struggle to break free from the demon that oppresses his spirit.

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Can the young artist Carl Norberg overcome obstacles, find a girlfriend, and do the painting he loves? This novel explores two aspects of modern society — military life and the arts community in a competitive city as it features an artist who sticks with his creative impulse.

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A maverick moviemaker named Vincent Adair, who’s had success in the past, hopes to revive his career by making a film about a controversy in 17th century America and the woman at the center of it. The novel also includes scenes from the time of the controversy.

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17th century America: Simon Willoughby, the old governor of a colony that resembles Massachusetts, takes on the biggest challenge of his life when he strives to end a wave of witchcraft hysteria that sweeps through his jurisdiction.

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Members of a talented, privileged urban family contend with obstacles as they seek renewal of life.

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21 prose sketches about people who visit a large urban park hoping to work through concerns about romance.

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Two women, a generation apart from each other, come together at a conference for composers of classical music at a hotel in Toronto. There are many differences between them, but each wishes to find a new creative spark. Will they become friends? Does creative power come back to them?

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