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The first novel in the “Witnesses” series, which is about America’s past, especially the 17th century and the recent past, Other topics include healing from warfare, the courage of ordinary people, and the struggle against a destructive cult.

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Warfare touches the lives of many people. This novel explores the experiences of ordinary people during and in the aftermaths of wars in three centuries. It also tells the story of people in the late 20th century who fight a dangerous cult called the Scythians. This is the 2nd novel in the “Witnesses” series.

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Crisis and recovery in America’s past and future. The fight against a destructive cult. Will civilized society survive? The third novel in the “Witnesses” series.

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Two men in the late 17th century, one native, the other an English colonial, discuss what happened during a recent devastating war. This is one of several stories in “Witnesses and Troublemakers” in which ordinary folk reflect on their experiences during times of warfare. The fourth novel in the "Witnesses" series.

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Wars end, a cultic menace gets pushed back, a few ordinary folks describe their experience of the end of crisis. The fifth and last novel in a series called “Witnesses”.

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